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What to Bring

All Legs 

All gear must be packed into two bags a soft sided duffel bag no larger than 750 mm in length and a medium knapsack. The knapsack is important as a day pack for hiking and shore excursions.

You must be able to carry your duffel and knapsack by yourself with a maximum weight of 15 Kgs. No suitcases, bags with wheels, metal framed backpacks, folding luggage carts or guitars. There will be no exceptions. If you bring any of these items you will be asked to dispose of them at the dock. Each person will have a small private locker for clothes and toiletries and shared lockers for shoes and foul weather gear. Folding and rolling gear to organise into vacuum bags or zip-loc bags saves space.

Safety Equipment:

A life jacket equipped with PLB, safety harness and tether will be provided. You are welcome to bring your own if that is your preference. Walkabout II is equipped with AIS so a man overboard device is also a good precaution.

Miscellaneous Gear:

  • 2 medium flat sheets, two pillowcases and pillow

  • Lonely Planet guide book(s)

  • 2 medium quick-dry towels and one wash cloth

  • Waterproof watch with light

  • Alarm Clock

  • LED Headlamp with red & white bulbs, spare batteries. Headlamps are very good for Woking on deck at night as well as filling in log books. They are very important for your safety and not an option.

  • Waterproof flashlight AA sizewith spare batteries.

  • Waterproof sun and lip screen

  • Polarised sailing sunglasses with keeper strap.

  • Passport

  • Credit card is best for cash and other transactions. Make sure you tell your bank what countries you will be visiting before leaving.

  • Antibiotics: with any expedition-type adventure in an isolated area we ask that you consult your doctor and obtain a broad-spectrum oral antibiotic  fro treating skin, throat, and eye or ear infections

Seasickness: For the first 24-48 hours of any ocean passage many of us are queasy. If not

seasick. it has been found that eliminating coffee and increasing water intake to two liters daily for two weeks before joining the cruise will greatly reduce the chance of seasickness and dehydration. Recommended medications are :

  • Ever'gen-C or Berocca or other type of vitamin C and mineral electrolyte replacement

  • Compazine (this is a generic name for prochlorparazine) 10 or 25 mg. Suppositories (NOT TABLETS) for if you do start to vomit tablets will not stay down long enough to be effective

  • Stugeron (cinnerzine 15 mg tablets) available from or Amazon

  • Transderm Scopolamine 1.5 mg patches. (Please try this on land first as some people have side effects.


Optional: Camera, mask and snorkel, music machine of some type, journal, small books, running shoes.

Most Important to bring: a positive attitude and an eagerness to learn. Maybe about sailing and navigation but definitely about fascinating people of different cultures and from your fellow shipmates. You are about to take part in an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime experience!!

Tropical Legs 3-8

Foul Weather Gear:

Coastal weight foul weather jacket. Foulie pants are optional on tropical legs

Tropical Clothing:

  • 4 nylon lightweight running shorts; comfortable loose fitting and quick-drying. Please no long pocketed, baggy, slow drying shorts.

  • 1 pair quick-drying shots with pockets

  • 1 pair long nylon pants, light colour, quick drying. Please do not bring jeans

  • 1 light weight collared short-sleeve shirt or Polo for guys  (we need to be presentable when clearing customs)

  • 1 lightweight, long-sleeved, ventilated, collared sun protection shirt

  • 4 loose-fitting, quick-drying lightweight non-cotton running shirts

  • Sun hat with tie-down

  • Baseball cap to deflect spray in heavy weather with tie-down clip

  • Lightweight modest skirt or dress for women. (this is important for cultural sensitivity in some countries

  • Underwear

  • Swimsuit


  • 1 pair of neutral non-marking soled boat shoes with clean soles not to be worn ashore

  • Comfortable, sturdy, lightweight, fast-drying, not-leather running shoes, sandals or Crocs

Temperate Legs 1 and 2

Foul Weather Gear:

Off Shore weight foul weather jacket and pants. Jacket must have hood.

Primary and Middle Layers:

  • 1 lightweight smart-looking short-sleeved collared shirt for men, 1 smart outfit for women for clearing customs

  • 4 loose-fitting non-cotton short-sleeved running shirts one size larger than normal

  • 2 mid-weight long-sleeved polyester tops

  • 1 light=weight long-sleeved, collared sun protection shirt

  • Traveller Jacket - a super warm, non-bulky, highly-breathable alternative to a fleece top.

  • 4 nylon running shorts that are comfortable, loose-fitting and quick drying

  • 1 pair ling nylon pants, light colour, quick drying 

  • Long underwear bottoms

  • fleece watch/stocking cap


  • 1 pair of neutral non-marking soled boat shoes with clean soles not to be worn ashore

  • Comfortable, sturdy, lightweight, fast-drying, not-leather running shoes, sandals or Crocs

  • Sea boots

  • Thick warm socks

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